Menghui Shi


Menghui   Shi 濛辉

Doctor of Philosophy

Associated   researcher

Institute of Modern Languages and   Linguistics

Fudan University,   Shanghai, China


ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1663-8079    


  • Education and experience

  • Associated researcher, Institute      of Modern Languages and Linguistics, Fudan University (2020.9- )

  • Ph.D., Leiden University      Centre for Linguistics (2015.9-2020.6)

  • M.A., Chinese      linguistics, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University (2012.9-2015.6)

  • Visiting scholar, Dept.      Of Chinese Literature, Taiwan University (2013.9-2014.2)

  • B.A., Dept. of Chinese      Language and Literature, Fudan University (2008.9-2012.6)

  • Thesis

  • Ph.D.:

Consonant and lexical tone interaction: Evidence from two Chinese dialects

Leiden University Centre for Linguistics

Prof. Yiya Chen & Prof. Maarten Mous


  • M.A.:

A study of (ø) in the Shanghai Urban dialect ------ A language contact perspective (上海市区方言(ø)变项研究——从语言接触的角度来探讨)

Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University

Prof. Huan Tao (陶寰 教授)


  • B.A.:

Three types of particles in Suzhou Wu Chinese (苏州方言语气算子的三种类型)

Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University

Prof. Huan Tao (陶寰 教授)


  • Research

    My research is clustered around three themes

  • Laboratory phonology: I am interested in the phonetic realization      of the underlying contrasts across languages. It focuses primarily on the      use of phonetic methodology to inform dialectal questions.

  • Socio-phonetics and variationMy interest in this field is centered around      the role of social factors such as age and gender that play in Chinese      varieties.

  • DialectologyI focus on the work of documentation, description, and comparison across      the Wu and Xiang Chinese varieties.

  • Journal article (peer review)

  • Menghui Shi      & Yiya Chen. Lili Wu Chinese. Journal of the International Phonetic Association.      https://doi.org/10.1017/S0025100320000092.

  • Marian      Klamer, Menghui Shi, Jikke Swenne & Yiya Chen. 2020. Breathy      vowels are not phonemic in Kedang (Eastern Indonesia), Oceanic      Linguistics, 59(1/2). https://doi.org/10.1353/ol.2020.0001.

  • 李倩、史濛辉、陈轶亚,2020,声调研究中的一种新统计方法——“增长曲线分析在汉语方言研究中的运用。《中国语文》,第5期,591-608

  • Menghui Shi,      Yiya Chen & Maarten Mous. 2020. Tonal split and laryngeal      contrast of onset consonant in Lili Wu Chinese. The Journal of the Acoustical Society      of America, 147(4), 2901-2916. https://doi.org/10.1121/10.0001000.

  • 凌锋、史濛辉、袁丹、沈瑞清,2019,发声态研究的相关问题与VoiceSauce的使用,《方言》,第4期,385-397(人大复印资料全文转载,语言文字学,2020.2)

  • Dan Yuan, Feng Ling,      Ruiqing Shen & Menghui Shi.      2019. Bilabial trill      induced by fricative high rounded vowel: The emerging of “Tʙ” in the Wu dialect of Su-Wan      boundary. Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 47.1, 172-192.

  • 史濛辉,2017,从像伲”——苏州方言第一人称代词单数的一种新变化,《汉语史学报》,第16期,111-123

  • 陶寰、史濛辉2017a,危险的跳跃:语码转化和语素透明度,《语言研究集刊》,第17辑,135-150

  • 陶寰、史濛辉2017b,吴语人称代词考源的原则——兼论吴语的,《汉语史学报》,第16期,124-142

  • 史濛辉,2016a,上海市区方言(ø)变项的分布——兼论权威语的迁移现象,《中国语文》,第4期,460-467

  • 史濛辉,2016b,再论阴出阳收”——从语言接触的角度看,Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics9(1)42-57

  • 史濛辉、黄河,2016,汉语方言中的两类回头音变——略论自然音变接触两种不同的触发机制,《汉学研究》,34(2)315-335

  • 史濛辉,2015,苏州方言第一人称复数的来源及演变,《语言学论丛》,第52辑,108-125

  • 史濛辉,2014,地名异读的原因——以苏州方言为例,《东方语言学》,第14辑,142-154

  • 史濛辉,2011,《海上花列传》所见清末苏州话语气词研究,《吴语研究》,第6辑,256-269

  • Book chapter

  • 史濛辉,2016,苏州方言中的官话成分,载郑伟主编《边界方言语音与音系演变论集》,172-188。上海:中西书局。

  • Book

  • Menghui Shi. 2020. Consonant and lexical tone interaction: Evidence from      two Chinese dialects. Amsterdam: LOT.


  • Reviewer

  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

  • Journal of the International Phonetic Association

  • 语言研究集刊(Bulletin      of Linguistic Studies)

  • Fund and honor

  • Leids Universiteits Fonds (LUF)2017

  • 国家教育部留学基金国家建设高水平公派研究生项目2015-2019

  • 复旦大学研究生一等奖学金(2013-2014

  • 特力屋台湾交流奖学金(2013-2014

  • 复旦大学研究生新生一等奖学金(2012

  • 上海市优秀毕业生2012

  • 国家教育部一等奖学金(2010-2011

  • 上海市一等奖学金(2009-2010

  • 复旦大学优秀学生2009-2010