Shuangshuang Chen


Shuangshuang Chen (陈双双)

Doctor of Philosophy

Associated Researcher

Institute of Modern Languages and Linguistics

Fudan University

Contact: No.220 Handan Road, Yangpu Distract, Shanghai, China.


Research interests

My research interests include

· Chinese linguistics, including syntax(grammar), semantics and pragmatics

· Theoretical Linguistics

· Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, especially pedagogic grammar


PhD in Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

M.A, Chinese linguistics, College of Humanities, Jilin University, China.

B.A, Chinese literature and Linguistics, College of Humanities, Jilin University, China.

Research Projects

  • The Resolution of Anaphoric Null Subjects in Chinese Discourse: Data Annotation, Algorithm Design and Analysis (04/2018- 04/2019), Faculty of Arts Doctoral Research Fund, University of Auckland.

  • A Study on the Identifiability and Finiteness of the Information Structure and Its Components of the Sentence Pattern Emphasizing Functions in Chinese (08/2018-present)General Project of Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project, China.

  • History of Overseas Chinese Grammar Studies and Database Construction (07/2017-present), National Key Project, National Social Sciences Foundation, China.

  • Chinese textbook for MA program in Chinese (09/2016-10/2017)research project of School of Humanities, Massey University, New Zealand.

Work Experience

04/2020-04/2021 Honorary Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

02/2015–12/2020 Chinese Language Teacher, JNU Chinese School of New Zealand.

11/2015-02/2016 Research Assistant, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

09/2013-06/2014: Chinese Language Teacher, International School of Jilin University.

Academic Experience

04/2020-present: Secretary General, South Pacific Association of Chinese Language Education, New Zealand.

04/2020.4: Book Reviewer, Springer.

03/2019-03/2024: Member, The Philological Society, England.

10/2015–present: Vice President of Association of Chinese Language Educators in New Zealand

01/2019-08/2019: Committee Member, 2019 Conference on Chinese Language Education in the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji.

06/2018-09/2018: Committee Member, 2018 Summit on Chinese Language Education in the South Pacific, Auckland, New Zealand.

Selected Publications

Shuangshuang Chen, 2020. The Distribution of Null Subjects in Chinese Discourse: a Centering Approach. Analysing Chinese Language and Discourse across Layers and Genres 12-36.

Shuangshuang Chen, 2019Centering Theory: a Cross-linguistic Study. Foreign Languages in China (4), 55-64.

Shuangshuang Chen, 2019. Null Subjects in Chinese. PhD thesis, University of Auckland.

Conference Papers

  • 03/2019: “Null Subjects in Chinese”oral presentation at the PhilSoc Early Career Researcher Forum, University of Oxford, UK.

  • 06/2018: “Null Subjects in Chinese discourse: a centering approach”, oral presentation at The Fifth International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse, The University of Sydney, Australia.

  • 03/2018: “The History of Chinese Grammar Studies in New Zealand”, invited

    presentation at The Symposium on History of Chinese Grammar Studies in Southeast Asia and Oceania, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

  • 11/2015: “Null Subjects in Chinese”, oral presentation at 2015 Linguistic Society of New Zealand Conference, The University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

  • 03/2015: “The Classification of Null Subjects in Chinese”, oral presentation at 2015 International Conference on Language Form and Function (ICLFF), Soochow University, China.

  • 05/2014“A Study of Chinese Construction (S)+W+si+(O)+le”, oral presentation at The 22th Annual Conference of The International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL-22), University of Maryland, USA.


  • 2018 Doctoral Research Award Fund, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland.

  • 2018 PhD Leadership Award, the New Zealand Leadership Institute, University of Auckland.

  • 2016 Third Prize of the Second Global Lesson Plan Competition of Chinese Language Education.

  • 2014 Doctoral Scholarship, China Scholarship Council.

  • 2014 Outstanding Graduate Student, Jilin University

  • 2013 First Class Scholarship for Graduate Students, Jilin University

  • 2009 National Scholarship, Ministry of Education.