Ying Liu


Liu Ying

personal information

Email: chunhuaxty@hotmail.com

Address: 220 Handan Road, Fudan University, Shanghai

research interests

Formal semantics, Experimental semantics, Pragmatics, Chinese grammar


2007-2011 Sichuan University Bachelor of Arts

 College of Literature and Journalism

 Major: Chinese language and Literature

2012-2013 City University of Hong Kong  Master of Arts

Department of Linguistics and Translation

Major: Linguistics (With Distinction)


2014-2017  City University of Hong Kong  Ph.D.

Department of Linguistics and Translation

Supervisor: Dr. Lee Polun Peppina

work experience

2021.09-present  Associate researcher, (Associate Young Principle Investigator)

Institute of Modern Languages and Linguistics

Fudan University

2018.05-2021.08  Postdoc researcher (Full-time)

School of International Studies

Zhejiang University

2017.09-2018.05 Lecturer (Full-time)

College of International Education

Zhejiang University

2016.08-2016.12  Associate Visiting Scholar (Full-time)

Department of Linguistics

University of Pennsylvania, USA

2014-2017  Teaching Assistant (Part-time)

Department of Linguistics and Translation

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Accepted Liu,Ying and Gong Cheng

The Semantics of Mandarin shi-clefts revisited (in Chinese)

Language and Linguistics

2021a  Liu,Ying and Gong Cheng

 Narrow Focus, Wide Focus and the semantics of Mandarin de

Construction (in Chinese)

Studies of the Chinese Language (1): 28-42

2021b  Liu,Ying and Yu’an Yang

An Experimental Study of the Presupposed Exhaustivity of Mandarin  Shi-clefts (in Chinese)

Modern Foreign Languages (5): 669-680

2020  Liu,Ying

Acquisition of the Exclusiveness Associated with Four Types of

Mandarin Constructions by Thai Speakers (in Chinese)

Chinese Teaching in The World (4): 561-576

2019  Liu,Ying and Polun Lee, Peppina

Exhaustivity or contrastivity: A comparative study of the semantics of

Mandarin shi sentences and English it-clefts (in Chinese)

Foreign Language Teaching and Research (5): 678-689

2017a  Liu,Ying and Yu’an Yang

To Exhaust or Not to Exhaust: A study of Mandarin shi clefts

In the Proceedings of GLOW in Asia XI

MIT working papers in Linguistics

2017b  Yang, Yu’an and Liu Ying

Acquisition of Exhaustivity: Evidence from Mandarin

In the Proceedings of the 47th Annual meeting of North East  Linguistic Society (NELS 2016), VOL3, P275-285

2016 Liu, Ying and Yu’an Yang

Exhaustivity of shi...(de) clefts in Mandarin: Experimental evidence

In the Proceedings of 2016 European summer school on Logic,  Language and Information (ESSLLI 2016), P167-178



Exhaustivity, contrastivity, and the semantics of Mandarin cleft related structures

Under contract

Routledge Publishing.

research grant

A systemic investigation of the exclusive expressions in Mandarin (21CYY030)

Principle Investigator

The National Social Science Fund of China.