Young Principal Investigator\Associate Young Principle Investigator positions opening at IMOLL at Fudan University


Young Principal Investigator\Associate Young Principle Investigator positions opening at IMOLL at Fudan University

Introduction of IMOLL

IMOLL refers to Institute of Modern Languages and Linguistics, which is an interdisciplinary creative research institution founded in 2019, on the basis of “first-class disciplines” of Modern Linguistics at Fudan University.

With the comprehensive advantages of the following subjects at Fudan university: Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Literature, Life Sciences, Computer Science,Brain-inspired Intelligence, IMOLLis launched on the basis of Humanity and Social Sciences but committed to interdisciplinary innovative research. We have integrated the theory, technology and research methods of computer sciences, Anthropology, Brain science, Psychology and Medicine to investigate a new interdisciplinary research paradigm and explore the leading edge of Linguistic research. Our mission is to lead the development of Modern Linguistics and build a first-class Linguistic discipline and research institute over the world. Now we have founded four institutes and one laboratory, with research areas in:

1. Institute of Language Cognition and Linguistic laboratory: Cognitive linguistics and Neurolinguistics,Speech and Hearing, Speech Pathology, Experimental Phonetics, Evolutionary Linguistics;

2. Institute of Computational Linguistics: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation, Development and application of deep-learning;

3. Institute of Language Acquisition: Syntax, Language Acquisition, Lexicography;

4. Institute of East Asia Languages Data: East Asian Languages and Literature, Chinese Minority Languages, Geolinguistics.

Positions opening (tenure-track): Young Principal Investigator\Associate Young Principle Investigator


Background requirements:

1. Linguistics-related background, include but not limited in Chinese Linguistics, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Minority Language and Literature, etc.

2. Research area is Linguistics-related, including but not limited in computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, pathological linguistics, evolutionary linguistics, Geolinguistics, Experimental Phonetics, ect.

Meeting one of the above requirements is considered qualified; applicants with interdisciplinary background are preferred.

Position requirements:

1. Applicants must be law-abiding, healthy, honest, and have a good sense of rigorous scholarship, responsibility and team work.

2. A Ph.D. degree is required.

3. Applicants to Young Principal Investigator are normally no more than 40 years old. Applicants are expected to have published distinguished results and be influential in related area, be experienced in running research projects and advising, be able to lead development of the discipline.

Applicants to Associate Young Principal Investigator are normally no more than 35 years old. Applicants are expected to have published excellent results in related area and have the potential to lead the development of the discipline.

4. Proficient in English writing and communication.

What we offer:

1. Competitiveannual salaries and housing allowance, as long as insurances and Housing Provident Fund depending on the university policies of these positions.

2. Active assistance to applying to the conveniently located full-furnished apartments for talents.

3. Sufficient start-up funds according to university policies on these positions.

How to apply:

All the application materials listed below must be sent to the official email address of IMOLL:xdyyx@fudan.edu.cn, with the subject as “Name + research area + position” (e.g. John Smith + Syntax + Associate Young Principal Investigator).

1. Full CV in Chinese or English.

2. Ph.D. diploma and certificate of employment if at work.

3. Materials that can fully-demonstrate applicant’s academic performance (Representative papers, contents of representative books, index and citation of the papers, awards, research projects, ect.)

4. At least 3 references from domestic or international.

The recruitment continues until all the positions are filled.

For more details, please visit the website:https://imoll.fudan.edu.cn.

Contact us:

Address:220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Office:Room 1213, Guanghua East Main Building